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Joel Eberhart, the Director of Marketing at Ideas Collide, was featured in an article written by the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. Joel, and others, were asked to described his scariest networking moment. Here he is what Joel has to say.

“I was at a networking event early in my career and was making my rounds and chatting with other people when a pretty influential person in my industry suddenly flagged me down and motioned me over.

We started to talk and he pulled up a chair to sit down, there were no open chairs that I could see close by, but we were right by a refreshments table. Concerned it would be awkward if I was standing and he was sitting down I leaned a bit on the corner of the table – which then proceeded to collapse and slide all of the food and drinks off of it. 

Turns out the legs weren’t properly secured on that side of the table…I wanted to die.” 

If you want more scary networking moments, you can read the full article here.

Posted on October 16, 2015 in Ideas Collide News

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