5 Marketing Automation Trends for 2016

marketing automation resultsLeads, sales and cost savings; three benefits businesses are seeing from marketing automation.

We wouldn’t say that if we didn’t see the benefits every day, and we’re not the only ones. 84% of marketers say automation boosted leads, while 38% say it directly led to more sales. As we move into 2016, here are five trends Ideas Collide expects to see in marketing automation.

  1. Mobile

Marketers are focusing more on mobile due to the increasing amount of people relying on their mobile devices to read emails, interact with websites and consume content. Utilizing responsive design for landing pages and emails are the first step, and should be implemented immediately if they haven’t already. As this trend continues to grow, we expect platforms to add additional mobile options for businesses including push-notifications and in-app messaging.

  1. Personalization

Using a contact’s name in a subject line or email greeting is a proven tactic to increase opens and click rates. Now, marketing automation is becoming more personalized by using data such as browsing history and items left in a cart before checkout. The more personalized marketers are able to make content, the more successful it will be in creating responses and sales leads.

  1. Nurture Programs

Nurture programs use a series of emails and other content to move contacts from cold to warm leads. These programs take additional time to set up because they can consist or dozens of pieces of content sent over a series of weeks. But, in return, businesses are finding these well thought out nurture programs provide better results. As marketers and businesses delve deeper into automation, these programs will become more complex and common.auotmation

  1. Choosing Your Own Path

Combining personalization and nurture programs are strategies that allow contacts to have a personalized path of content. In this type of program, every contact gets the same few emails to begin with. Then, based on their actions, they are put into different content paths to optimize the chances of becoming a customer.

  1. Shift From End Users to Agencies

We’re seeing a trend of marketing automation moving from being managed by end users to agencies. Previously, businesses relied on the platforms and themselves to manage automated campaigns. Now, platforms like Eloqua and Sharpspring are made so agencies can manage multiple clients at once. This allows small businesses to utilize their internal resources more efficiently and leave marketing automation to the experts.

Posted on October 14, 2015 in Observations & Trends

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