Takeaways from Modern Marketing Experience 2015

imageRecently, a group from ICMC traveled to Las Vegas for Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience (MME) 2015. There, we were able to interact face-to-face with not only our clients, but with representatives from Oracle which was very beneficial. Since becoming a gold partner with Oracle, ICMC has been working diligently to complete our Eloqua training and being at MME really gave us a boost in our knowledge of the tool as well as the other products Oracle has to offer. There were two days of classes and we took a “divide and conquer” approach in order to take in all the helpful information that was readily available. Here are some of our key marketing learnings from MME 2015:

Content Marketing

  • Create a content blueprint first like you would to build a house
  • Know your persona – audience, interests – interview people who represent your personas so you have validated a model
  • Execute – focus on your supply line – where is it coming from and what does the structure look like?
  • Create specific workflow templates – need a workflow for each type of content your team creates and who executes of those.


Email Marketing

  • Key influencers of deliverability
    • Bounces
    • Complaints
    • Engagement
    • Spam traps
    • Consistent volume and frequency
  • Tread carefully with new signups
  • Long term inactive addresses still matter (9 months is the new benchmark)
  • Send welcome messages early
  • Create a plan for re-engagement
  • Need to know metrics
    • Most email marketers are familiar with engagement metrics such as ctr, open rate, so on
    • Monitoring engagement metrics goes hand in hand with monitoring the more traditional deliverability metrics such as bounce rates

Developing a Mobile Strategy

  • 2 billion people own a smart phone/tablet device – there are 7 billion people in the world, almost a third have a mobile device
  • 53% of subscribers are opening emails on a mobile device
  • Creating a mobile optimized experience
    • Maximize your space
      • Mastery is your ability to speak to a subject for hours or to sum it up in a few short sentences – the mobile inbox requires the latter
      • Shorten your subject lines, from addresses, and body or form requirements to be precise and engaging
      • Conduct a/b split tests to understand what resonates with your audience
      • Magnification doesn’t solve bad content
        • A picture is worth a thousand words – USE IMAGES!
      • White space is your friend

Not only were there informative classes, but MME also let attendees hear from great keynote speakers such as James Franco. On the last night of the event, there was even a One Republic concert! Thank you Oracle for hosting a great event, team ICMC had a great time and we look forward to continuing our partnership!

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