Google to brands: Go Mobile to be Found

Google mobiel friendly testStarting next month, Google will expand its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal for search. Using mobile for search ranking is not new news from Google. For those who have not been following Google’s announcements on mobile-friendly website, they have gone a little something like this:

2013: You should really think about making your website mobile-friendly.

2014: No, seriously, you should really have a mobile-friendly website- we’re ranking for it now.

2015: Seriously- you need a mobile-friendly website!

To help out, Google has developed a variety of tools to test a site’s mobile optimization and is helping companies fix problems to ensure that this change won’t have negative impacts on their search rankings. Including this page where you can test the mobile friendliness of your existing website.

The Best Way to Go Mobile

There are plenty of other good reasons to have a responsive or mobile version of your website in addition to Google’s search algorithm changes. Last year, the number of mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) officially surpassed the number of desktop/laptop computers in the world. With this shift from computers to mobile, it should come as no surprise that mobile now account for 60 percent of all web traffic.

With this paradigm shift, the mindset of “we should have a mobile version of our website” should be shifting to “we should have a desktop version of our website.” With mobile driving search, developing websites mobile-first through responsive design is a new best practice. This method has many benefits:

  1. The scalable design ensures that your website always looks its best, regardless if it is being viewed on an old Android phone or the latest iPad Air 2.
  2. You only need to design, build and update one website, opposed to a desktop and mobile version.
  3. Better search rankings and easier SEO. With improper SEO, Google will actually punish separate desktop and mobile versions of websites for duplicative content. Not a concern with a responsive site.

Need Help?

If your website didn’t pass the mobile ready test with flying colors, or if you are looking to change your old m. site to a responsive design, give us a call. We’ll help ensure your site stays top of mind to Google, and your customers.

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