Tweets Cause Fist Fights?

Doug and WolfThursday here in Phoenix, two local sports radio talk show hosts on KTAR, Doug and Wolf, almost came to blows over the relevancy of Twitter. That’s right, a real fist fight almost broke out on air all because Wolf did not agree with Doug when he summarized the opinions of their Twitter followers.

Listen to the argument here

Although clearly there may be some other issues going on with these two, at the root of their disagreement was the idea that responses to a question (is the NFL team, Oakland Raiders brand relevant with young people?) posted on Twitter may not be considered relevant because they were from social media. Almost as if the people behind the Twitter handles were not real people. It appears that Wolf was insinuating that the opinions of tweeters are not real or don’t count when he proclaimed, “…I think you put too much stock in Twitter.”
So would the same person calling into the show have a different opinion? Of course not.

How much stock are you putting into Twitter?

There is a marketing lesson to be learned here. Like any social media platform, the content you post has to be a fit for the platform. Doug was in fact using Twitter effectively; asking his followers to provide feedback in real time and then using that content to inform live listeners.

Here are a few ways Twitter proves to be useful for brands.
• Customer Service
• Connecting With People of Mutual Interests
• Immediate News
• Real Time Feedback or Opinion Polling

Listen up when customers share – you may not always like or agree with what your customers tell you, but no matter the platform, you’d better listen. The customer is still always right even when we don’t like what they have to say. Gathering insights from social media is a treasure trove of data that can help brands make smarter, faster and focused decisions.

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Posted on October 18, 2014 in Events & Happenings

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