Goodbye Greg

Greg recently moved to Colorado to be close to family, but he still is a big part of the ICMC team as you can see from his final farewell ” Ode to the ICMC Team.” We will miss you Greggles, thank you for your creativity, excellent Bob Barker impersonation and for being an all around awesome human.


Ode to ICMC

The day has come, it’s time to say goodbye,

But the moment is sweetened by an exquisite slice of pie,

With every bite I remember a friend,

Beautiful memories from beginning to end,

Hillary, a dashing young gal,

Waiting for eternity to tell me she knew my best pal,

Michael Fleming, oh what a dime,

I’d light brown bags on fire with you til the end of time,

Margaret Ann, always helpful with not a single complaint,

A soldier, bold and strong, a few things that I aint,

Jessica Ray, never looking up when I walk through the door,

But a bright fun chick, need I say more?

Scott, I’ll miss your stories, yes it is true,

One of the most genuine guys I ever knew,

Mike Mason, how could I forget your bursts of comedic rage,

A creative genius like a fine wine who’ll only get better with age,

Chicken Head Ed, dying of laughter from a German sniffing butt,

I salute you and shake my my laffy taffy, da nuh nuh nuh,

Nick Winter, a man I will always call friend,

Bball, great chats and your werewolf secret I’ll keep to the end,

Jodalicious, caring, fun and a bugle laugh of joy,

Always puts a smile on my face like a bag of Chips Ahoy,

Colin, an incredible ginger I adore,

Always shining like his precious French Horn,

Chelsea, who I only knew through quarterly and emails,

But just from that I can tell she’s one of the coolest females,

Kit, you introduced me to my favorite ice cream that makes me go wild,

For that I owe you my life and my first born child,

Amy, we bonded over our digestive woes,

I’ll miss our discussion over celebrity hoes,

Bridget, the raddest chick, what can I say,

Funny and brilliant and a hater of Chick-Fil-A,

Sue, my Actor’s Theater buddy,

You always keep calm and poised even when things get cruddy,

Bobby, a bright future lies ahead,

I expect you to send me gifs until the day that I’m dead,

Joelsiph, a sincerely awesome guy with eyes like the ocean so blue,

By day an agency man, by night a model for GQ,

Kori and your playful cheer,

Running off to Phish concerts twenty times per year,

Rebecca, so classy with her outfits and totes,

But with the kind of confidence and smarts that’s get you presidential votes,

Matt, a sage leader like a well-dressed Yoda,

So kind, so generous he’d buy the entire world a soda,

Claudia, the Queen of Ahwatukee,

Your claim of beating me in BBall is pure palukee,

Finally King James, I offer my solemn salute,

A patient leader, friend, inferior ping-pong player, he got me the job and brought me to you,

To all I extend my deepest gratitude, Ideas Collide,

Thank you, thank you, it’s been one heck of a ride.

Yours Truly,

Greg Webb

Posted on September 8, 2014 in Ideas

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