What’s Appenin’? –  An Update on the Hottest Upcoming Apps

What’s Appenin’? - An Update on the Hottest Upcoming Apps

It feels like only yesterday that Facebook bought What’sApp for a cool $19 billion, roughly the amount it would cost to buy a dozen or so NFL franchises. The news, when released back in February, showed that Facebook was set on leading the growing mobile trend. Since 2008, the cumulative number of app downloads has skyrocketed, jumping from 10 million to over 75 billion (http://www.statista.com/statistics/263794/number-of-downloads-from-the-apple-app-store/). No wonder everyone and their mailman is scrambling to come out with the next big App Store Megahit. Here are a few apps that we think also deserve some recognition.

 Rantable – Are you one of those people that publicly bashes on everything every time you log into your Facebook? Congratulations, you account for 90 or so percent of the internet! One company saw our obvious obsession with internet criticism and seized the opportunity. Behold, Rantable, your microphone for everything you hate in this world. Rantable allows users to find like-minded angry mobs on Twitter and with 6,000 characters, blow off some steam. They even have therapeutic features like giving each other Rant Ratings to justify our outbursts. Did you see that preposterous outfit Kim Kardashian was wearing last night? Where’s my Rantable?! – As I fumble for my phone, download the hate at http://www.preapps.com/new-iphone-ipad-apps/rantable/1656

 Amazon Wallet App –Amazon, as the name suggests, wants to be huge and omnipresent in our digital lifestyles – cue the Amazon Wallet app. For now, Amazon Wallet stores your digital gift and loyalty cards, but has greater ambitions of one day competing against the likes of PayPal as a web payment giant. Amazon released its beta version of the app this July so you might as well go and download it, because let’s face it, we’re all going to be downloading it sooner or later. Give Amazon your soul by downloading the wallet at http://www.amazon.com/Developer-Wallet/dp/B0051ADX3K

 Facebook Mentions – Apparently Facebook is getting jealous of all the celebrity love its competitor Twitter has been getting over the years. So to make the fame game interesting, they are blatantly appealing to the rich and famous by releasing Facebook Mentions, an app exclusively for famous people…seriously. As if the tech giant wasn’t already a funnel for vanity, they built an application that makes it easier for celebs to monitor what everyone is saying about them.

Stars receive notifications of their shoutouts not only from fans but also fellow Famousapians (I’m coining that term as of this moment). Check out this example (see below) of Whoopi Goldberg in action with her new Mentions App:gregs

Posted on July 31, 2014 in Ideas

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