Scenes from Digital Summit Atlanta

Scenes from Digital Summit Atlanta

In late May, the Ideas Collide team attended the Atlanta Digital Summit to hear from the best and brightest (among them, our very own Matt Clyde!) speaking on the latest trends and insights in digital marketing and advertising.

What follows is an account of one team member’s unique takeaway…

 Scene 1: The dust settles around Atlanta. Not unlike something from your grandpa’s old westerns, Atlanta Digital Summit rips through the city like a spontaneous dust-devil leaving people captivated, delighted and wanting more. The only thing more sizzling than “Hot-lanta” were the presenters standing on stage. These industry leaders had their six-shooters loaded with their best marketing how-to’s and look-out-for’s ready for the shootout. {End Scene}

Scene 2: The camera pans over to you sitting at your desk not able to attend the Atlanta Digital Summit. A somber look is smeared across your face. Your eyes glaze over as you daydream about what your brand could have been. “If only…” plays over and over in your mind. {End Scene}

Scene 3: Over the horizon you see a man wearing a ten gallon hat riding a white horse carrying an Atlanta Digital Summit “swag-bag”. You don’t want to get ahead of yourself, but you can only assume that within that bag is a digital summit t-shirt that’s too small for its owner because he had to eyeball his correct size while trying to not hold up the line. Suddenly you perk up realizing all is not lost. I too can be a part of the feast of knowledge that took place in Atlanta with the help of this man. {End Scene}

Now extract the “Wild West” embellishment and everything else is true. There were sizzling presenters, insightful industry trends, and intriguing case studies. And yes my shirt is too small. Fortunately for you, at a cost well below the price of an admission ticket you can snag some key takeaways from the Atlanta Digital Summit I’ve outlined below. All it costs is 5 minutes of your time.

Atlanta Digital Summit – Key Takeaways

B2B and B2C both need B2E: B2E is Business-to-Employee, an approach in which the focus of the business is on making the employees your brand ambassadors vs. the consumer or another business as it is in B2C & B2B. B2E embraces the idea of branding yourselves internally. By doing so you attract and retain highly qualified employees in competitive markets. Create the company culture that begs to be bragged about through benefits, bonuses, activities, higher education and flexible hours. A positive company culture advocated by its employees is some of the best marketing you could hope for.

Don’t Just Share, Strategically Share: Choose the right social channel for the job, they can have very different audiences. The age of copy-and-paste is over. Your audience is smarter than that and will surely take offense and get turned off to your brand. Ask yourself this questions, “Why would I follow a brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest if the posts are all the same”? The answer is, you wouldn’t because there’s no value in it. Don’t be lazy and don’t be complacent. Social media is a platform for discovery. There isn’t any discovering happening if all channels look and feel the same. Learn to scale. If you can’t create unique and engaging content for each channel, reduce the number of platforms you operate and make them fantastic. Your brand will thank you for it.

Leave Clickbait in the Tackle Box: We’ve all been there. We’re sitting at our desks trolling the internet for “work” and all of a sudden it appears. An advertisement that reads “10 Tips to all Brown Haired, Hazel Eyed Marketing Professionals Working in Scottsdale, AZ Should Know About Getting Rich”. You know deep down that you’re being targeted but it’s just too perfect so you decide to click on it. After arriving at the 5th tip, 10 minutes later, you finally realize you’ve wasted your time and are behind on work. Don’t beat yourself up, we’ve all been there because clickbait works. But at what cost? Is it worth your brands reputation?

Clickbait has a derogatory connotation because it implies you’re not getting something you thought you were. If you put a shiny bow on a terrible gift what do you get? A terrible gift. The good news is the solution is easy. Great content is great and will be recognized as such. There’s no reason to have to bait people into clicking on it. Great and engaging content with unique imagery on a consistent frequency will land you more “fish” every time. Even better, these “fish” turn into loyalists and promoters for your brand.

The RISE of YOU as the SOCIAL ARTIST: We need to now be rethinking the vision for our brands within our communities and how we are delivering content. Begin to think as a social artist and find ways to use your creative skills with people or organizations. Don’t be afraid to put emotion into what your brand cares about. Try to solve a social problem, stand for a change, invest your efforts into making the world a better place or simply have fun in your community. The passion behind social artistry or the feeling of community it can evoke encourages creative expression. Use this emotion to tell a compelling story about your brand. Many brands do this well but the one that stood out from Atlanta Digitla Summit was Lexus and their #LexusInstaFilm.


Ideas Collide has already begun to implement some of these practices in the work we do – want to learn more? Contact us for a free strategic session at joel@ideascollide.com.

Posted on July 3, 2014 in Ideas

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