5 Tips to Meet Your Seasonal Marketing Match

Mt. Rushmore of Advertising

Earlier in the month, as we celebrated our Nation’s Independence, one might think that the 4th of July is the marketing equivalent of a nationwide signal to begin shopping for a new couch, mattress, or car. Around every holiday, as a consumer, you are inundated with advertising and marketing messages pushing and pulling you in all different directions to purchase products and services. Most people have come to expect heavy advertising around certain brands and their corresponding holiday season; it just seems some products/services are a “perfect match” for that time of year.

But how do these brands go about determining when to make that “push” or “pull” for their seasonal marketing?

Just because you’re not selling couches or cars on 4th of July, it doesn’t mean you can’t find your own seasonal marketing match.

Here are 5 items to be aware of when planning your own marketing throughout the seasons:

1. Sales Cycles – identify when your product resonates the most with existing customers and new customers.

2. Turn up the Sales – you know when your slow months are, so you may consider more advertising and promotions during these times. This is a great time to grow YOY incremental sales.

3. Product Matches – when your product or services naturally can tag on to a seasonal trend. Do your research and look to your competitors; notice any trends in seasonal marketing throughout the year?

4. What’s the Data Say? – Looking at even the most basic data and finding some trends can help you identify patterns in your customer’s behaviors. If your email open rates drop off in one season, change your strategy or find additional ways to connect with customers.

5. Location, Location, Location – Your customers habits change throughout the year. They travel in the summer, spend more time online in the winter, and spend more time outdoors in the spring. It may be necessary to change where you place your messaging and how you connect with your customers. This is where a strong digital content marketing plan will help.

We’d love to hear your successes and/or challenges when it comes to marketing around the seasons or holidays throughout the year. Feel free to share in the comments below!

Posted on July 25, 2014 in Ideas

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