“Parallax Design – fad or here to stay?”: An interview with Mike Mason, IC/MC Creative Director

Mike Mason
  • How would you describe Parallax design?Mike Mason Creative Director

I like to think of parallax design as just a way to navigate content. It creates an effect where the background and foreground move independently, giving a depth to sites and enhancing the visuals. As the digital screen has expanded into mobile territory, it has opened new opportunities for how users are comfortable interacting with digital content, both viewing it and navigating it. When you think of how accustomed users are to scrolling through never-ending blogs, social media feeds, Instagram, Twitter, this all has influenced how users navigate in more of a long-form content layout and away from the traditional web menu navigation.


  • What are some Pros/Cons of Parallax Design?

I think it is a great way to serve up certain kinds of content. It can definitely enhance a very visual approach to a web site. I also think it is an interesting way to tell a story.  It’s also provides a simpler way for users to engage with your content – instead of being overwhelmed, with levels and sub levels of navigation, you can guide the user through a more visual, story-driven message.

The con is related to the pro, it is a great way to serve up certain kinds of information. Trying to use parallax design for any type of website, like one with a large amount of content, could pose problems and could get frustrating for users trying to find certain types of information that feel they are getting bounced around unnecessarily.  I think the rule is use it to enhance the content, but parallax design won’t suit all situations.

You also have to consider the effects of SEO with a parallax site. It may limit the effectiveness of your SEO and should be considered against the objectives you want to achieve in this area. In some cases, it may not be worth it.


  • Is this design trend here to stay, or do you think it’s just a fad? Why?

I think it is an evolution of how web navigation is changing. I think it will continue to evolve, but the idea of parallax design will have its place with certain types of content. I think it will continue to be used where it makes the sense with the content.


  • What’s an example of a parallax designed site that you think is appealing?


I think this is great example of how the design fits and enhances the content. The site is visually interesting. It also tells a great story about the product. Works in tablet and mobile as well, which is a plus. Not all parallax designs function as well in mobile and tablet versions. I’m also excited about some of the new projects we will be launching in parallax design for some new clients, we are getting ready to soon launch them. Can’t wait until they are pushed live. Stay tuned…

Posted on June 23, 2014 in Ideas

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