The Formula

The Formula

Think like a media company or publisherWhat’s the formula to building content that’s engaging and consistent with your brand identity? The key is to think like a media company. We’ve compiled and defined a list of what we believe are the key areas to consider when creating content for your brand.


Think like a TV Executive who requires 24/7 programming. Integrate constant content with commercial messaging. Build content around the audience interest level, not the brand interest level.


What’s your company’s creed? Consider relevancy in design, structure and methods of delivery for your target audiences.


Without consistency, no meaningful relationship can be established. People will learn to visit frequently when they can expect new content.


What is the “attitude” you’re taking? Consider what point-of-view and what level of formality you want to convey.


The right mix is critical because your style conveys how you perceive your audience. Consider audience needs, interests, social, your brand, compelling communication and interaction.

Visual Quality

Many social media channels operate primarily in the visual medium (Intagram, Pinterest). The quality of your visual creative matters to their users. Visual quality will make your posts exciting, interesting and fresh.


Publishers stick to a strict editorial calendar with tight deadlines, and there isn’t any reason why a marketer shouldn’t do the same. When there are several contributors you must assign deadlines to hold accountability.

Posted on May 30, 2014 in Ideas

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