A Brief History of Instagram

A Brief History of Instagram

ICMC_Social_instagram_FBOn October 6, 2010 a photo of a puppy became the first photo uploaded to Instagram. Fast forward two months and Instagram is celebrating 1 million users. Another year later they are having their 150 millionth upload.

From the beginning, Instagram has had a clear vision of their platform and how they wanted to improve it, so it’s no wonder they’re the number one photo sharing social channel on the planet.

The stats today now boast 150 million active users, 16 billion photos shared and 1.2 billion likes daily. These stats should come as no surprise given Instagram’s history of growth and when you consider users can only use the mobile app for photo and video uploading and sharing, you could say Instagram has exceeded all expectations. People are connecting all over the world through this visual sharing app, giving you a peek into how they see their world experiences when they happen.

So what’s next?

Instagram has rebooted advertising with strict guidelines so the ads seamlessly integrate into a user’s feed. The carefully curated ads are slowly trickling in, each tailored to be a creative and engaging experience. While users have mixed feelings on seeing ad’s in their feed, for marketers they’ve proven to be successful.

Michael Kors, who was the first to use Instagram ad’s, saw an increase of 34,000 new follows in the 18 hours after that first ad was posted.

Instagram’s story continues to grow with every photo uploaded – check out our timeline graphic to see the major milestones in their brief, but hugely successful history!

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Posted on May 23, 2014 in Ideas

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