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ICMC_holiday2014We don’t have a time machine (if we did, we would have “won” a few lotteries by now), but good researching is almost as good for predicting marketing trends. Here is a list of 5 trends to watch for in 2014. See the complete list at ideascollide.com/2014. For more information on each of these trends, click the links below.

Online Currency tools like Google Wallet and Bitcoin will grow to support the movement towards mobile commerce.


Powerful digital media tools will reintroduce an age of great copy and art similar to the ad movement of the 1960’s.


Google+ finally joins the ranks of top tier social networks by providing powerful SEO value with the launch of it’s new “author ranking” tool.


Big Data collected from social media and browsers will influence the media we view across all three screens


Brands will abandon traditional ad speak to develop more powerful, emotional and visual connections through growing platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Vine.



As online video gets shorter, user engagement will get bigger.

Advancements in mobile shopping will continue to draw consumers out of lines and into websites.

Technology will continue to converge and influence all aspects of life in all sectors, from retail to healthcare.

2014’s increased choices and multiple layers of influence will change everything we know about the Traditional Purchasing Funnel.

Posted on April 8, 2014 in Ideas

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