Mobile Storytelling

Mobile Storytelling

Stories come in all shapes and sizes, they can be told in words or pictures and how they are told is just as important as the story itself. It’s also one of the most effective ways to connect with an audience. As marketers, we are storytellers. We not only put things into context we also call for action and ignite emotion.

Mobile apps have made the stories we tell more accessible and more immediate. Below are some new updates to popular social sites that are upgrading their tools to make telling a story more engaging for the users and providing more information to the marketers.


Visual networks have valuable demographics. In this visual planning and discovery site, users employ Pinterest to inspire their next story. Whether that’s a new family favorite dinner recipe or their next around the world vacation.

  • Recently re-vamped their mobile site, nearly 75% of daily pinning traffic happens on a mobile device or tablet. Source: http://tcrn.ch/1bGtzKz
  • New tool called “Interests” where you can explore new pins based on your pinning activity to help you find more things you like
  • Addition of Pinterest Maps- allowing users to map out their personal travel trips. This tool allows pins to feature locations, attractions and use pins to drive more traffic to your website
  • GIF’s are now pinnable
  • Upgrading their search engines, example: you can now search by type or specific ingredients. This upgraded personalization is just the beginning of creating more usable pins for users to completely customize their experience. Not only does having a better understanding of what information a pin includes help Pinterest users, it also helps Pinterest target the right pin to the right person
  • Also a new warning pops up if you’re about to pin something you already have on your board (so helpful, seriously!)

Facebook Paper/ Facebook

It’s the Paper app that promises seamless, immediate and beautiful story sharing. Described by Facebook as, “A deck of animated cards that gracefully weaves together text, photo and video from your friends and the web’s trending content.” It’s the perfect app to build and share storylines and visuals into your social. With 1.25 billion users, Facebook has proven with this app that they can still think small and single-handedly blew their own mobile app out of the water.

  • It’s a refreshing and beautiful way to view Facebook
  • Let’s you add in topics tailored to your interests and search by categories such as “Flavor” “Score” or “Tech”
  • It’s curating your newsfeed, your own personal newspaper
  • Putting content first, bigger than just your friends list
  • No more buttons, swipe to navigate the app it’s fast and fluid


It’s hip to be square. Instagram is currently the king of the social media realm, this social media site shows the world through each individual users eyes. We get a backstage pass to events happening all around the world. Storytelling on Instagram is as easy and beautiful as opening up your favorite childhood picture book.

  • New (ish) photo sharing messaging service, Instagram Direct allows users to send photos with text to friends and followers. Previously all comments and photos were private
  • Instagram ad’s promise to be engaging, beautiful and fitting in the theme of Instagram. Ideally, a user would not be able to easily spot an ad, forcing marketing to become more creative


Twitter currently has 200 million active users and a billion tweets every 2.5 days on every subject imaginable. Twitter is the pulse about what people are talking about and any given second of the day, all in 140 characters. They’ve actually be declining in numbers, due to indifferent users, it will be interesting to see what they do to bounce back. So far they haven’t release many updates.

  • Twitter has added a tagging feature to their photos
  • They’ve also added photo editing features: filters, crops, etc.
  • Twitter can base ad’s by user email addresses and user ids, giving a more personalized ‘who to follow’ suggestions
  • The new feed redesign makes it easier to tweet faster and also showcases photos and vine video images in the feed.

Posted on April 17, 2014 in Ideas

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