7 Ways to Guarantee Your Social Media Supremacy

7 keys to a smart digital content strategyThese days, character limits should be about as relevant as pagers. In an effort to keep personal account users happy, Facebook and other platforms have been filtering corporate posts to show less often in your followers’ feeds. In some cases, your company’s updates are placed on as little as 10% of your followers’ screens. This has put more pressure on social strategists to create a more visual and engaging experience for every impression.  Here are a few tips to building a modern and diverse social strategy

 Be Creative & Inspire – Today’s marketers need to inspire and ignite action. Start by laying the foundation for your campaign. Building off of your brand promise and unique selling position, identify a simple and succinct message. This message will be the launching point for all of your content across all of your social networks, so eliminating filler words and business rhetoric is vital. Social media is a saturated network and your message has to stand out. When considering your brands message, try to find the most exciting direction for your customer. Pull out the most unique characteristic and show them something they’ve never seen before.

 Solve a Problem – The big idea is meant to be appealing to your customer. “Sell more widgets” is a great goal for you, but it isn’t explicitly relevant to your customers’ needs. Think about your customers and work to build a messaging strategy that solves THEIR problems, not just yours. Engage in conversations, share content and messages that they care about. You will see your response and interactions increase as you remember it’s a conversation, but it usually starts with the customer.

 Magnify Your Impact – If you’re trying to reach more people and make current customers more loyal, then you need to show more value. This means leveraging the relationships you have with internal and external partners. Work with those partners to support co-branded campaigns that showcase how your products complement each other. Partner with key influencers that drive your message beyond your current owned channels and reach new target audiences or prospective customers. Chances are good that you already have these partnership offers in place. Be sure that those offers are reaching every relevant audience. Name three areas where you can grow your business and then identify a blogger, celebrity, partner company, non-profit organization or other key influencers to join or partner with you in content and in sharing your story to reach that audience.

 Laying a Foundation – There are tiers to social engagement. For example, reading blog or watching a YouTube video is a much more engaging activity than reading a tweet. This means that consumers want a relative payout. Take these opportunities to fully express your brand’s value while communicating the consumer-relevant message that made up your big idea. The most impactful blogs and videos speak more about the consumer than the product. Take a look at the user-generated forums for customers in your industry, build your most substantial content around the topics discussed there. This will make your content relevant and will answer common questions for current and potential customers.

 Curb Appeal –A strong social media strategy should never have to worry about character limits. Let powerful imagery and short video do the talking. Platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest have been establishing their dominance in the social sphere over the last few years. Make powerful imagery the focal point of your brand strategy. Perform a social audit and make social shares the key statistic. A compelling social image shows its effectiveness in how easy it is to share. Would your community want to share your message with others?

 Support Your SEO Strategy – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithms are more advanced than they used to be. It’s not enough to just cram a few buzzwords into your content anymore. True SEO strategists know that reputable authorship is the best way to make your content rise to the top. Develop or recruit well-recognized authors to post your content. Make sure that what they produce is unique and useful to the consumer. Google’s algorithm will judge your page by the amount of quality original content you produce. This applies to not only your website but also your social channels. When your content is shareable, it not only increases readership but also increases your content footprint by having more pages link back to you.

 Mix and Match Strategy – There are new social media tools emerging every day. Every follower has a different recipe for the consumption of content. Whether their primary tools are Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat or Blog/Tumblr/Instagram, you need to be delivering a unified message to make the greatest impact. Always leverage the strengths of your diverse social tools, but be sure that they all lead back to the core of the content and that the message is the same.

Social media’s accessibility and relative affordability has made for a very competitive marketplace. Be sure that your content ruses above the rest to reach more people in more ways. Reach out to us to talk more about your content marketing strategy and your digital marketing plan. Joel Eberhart works with clients and prospective clients to develop next steps and schedule strategic meetings. joel@ideascollide.com 

Posted on April 8, 2014 in Digital Marketing Recommendations, Ideas, News

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