LinkedIn is The Social World’s Sleeping Giant.

linkedin-iconWith 277 million users, 187 million unique visitors and average household income of $109,000 (much higher than Facebook, Twitter and other social networks), you know when you log into LinkedIn you’re dealing with users who mean business. The messages are more professional and conversations are geared more toward professional partnerships, rather than how many hashtags you can cram into one caption. Everyone is focused on advancing their careers or building their business.
If you aren’t using this platform where the demographic is made up of professional decision makers, then it’s time to step up your game. There are many ways to market your business online, but here are 3 easy LinkedIn tips that will maximize your networking potential.

Upgrade Your Business Page.
Your business profile page is the main hub for LinkedIn users, be sure to showcase what your business has to offer. Use this page to tell LinkedIn users what your company does best and give them compelling reasons to follow you. LinkedIn allows you to post updates, share your company information and products and even post video, allowing you to give more insights about the company and the people working there.

Use LinkedIn Groups.
Creating a LinkedIn Group gives you the ability to generate leads and prospects to grow your business. Groups give you the ability to target audiences in your specific niche. Besides being able to funnel in qualified sales leads, Groups give you a platform to become a thought leader, drive traffic to your website and connect with your community. Some good tips when starting your own LinkedIn Group are to add keywords into the title so you can be easily searched on Google, link your company website and blog to drive traffic to the sites and add your RSS feed so all new content is automatically posted to the group homepage.

Take Advantage of All the Options
LinkedIn was made for business professionals to network and the site offers some great options to help you do just that. You can send out weekly messages to your group members, create events, develop targeted advertisements and scout for new talent. LinkedIn allows you to customize your message and who receives it to maximize your networking potential.

Now go forth and market your business on LinkedIn!

Posted on March 24, 2014 in Ideas

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