Twitter, This is Your Intervention…

Watercolor Bird Thinking about Liking Something We’re worried about you. We’re really sorry about how the whole Vine vs. Instagram Video thing went down, that was hard. I mean, sure, Facebook has 4 times as many users as you do. But your 241 million users depend on you. WE depend on you. We just think you’re the greatest and we don’t want to see you hurt yourself anymore.

We’ve heard some rumors about you experimenting with a new design and strategy… You’re painting yourself up to look more like Facebook with a profile picture and cover photo on the user profiles. We’ve even heard that you’re testing a new content organization tool that puts more emphasis on popularity of tweets over timeliness. Don’t do that to yourself! Don’t abandon the most unique and beautiful trait you have just to be more popular with the Facebook crowd! They’re not worth it.

We’re having this intervention with you because we think you are out of control and you could lose everything if you continue down this path. We’re your friends and we’ve been with you since the beginning. But, don’t give up your relevancy as the world’s most immediate news source for a chance to be popular. You’ll never be Facebook and we’re begging you to stop trying to be.

Much love and concern,

Ideas Collide

Posted on February 13, 2014 in Ideas

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