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This week, Facebook unveils its new app called Paper. The slick new app is designed to filter all that noise from your news feed and give you only the good stuff, the meat. If you’ve read anything about what Paper is, you’ll know that it’s all about stories and how we tell them. Paper displays what’s going on in the world in a unique visual way. Welcome to Facebook’s visual news service. Social media marketing leaders and brands are watching closely the social communities they carefully cultivate to determine how the changes will impact engagement.

Paper allows you to organize the content you love into different categories like Tech, Pop Culture, etc. with a simple tap and swipe. The categories are based on your personal preferences and subscriptions, providing you with only the events you care about. Mark Zuckerberg’s goal was to create the newspaper of the 21st century. And from what we can tell, he’s off to a good start. The slick app lets you swipe through stories and unfold them in beautiful animations with every click. Videos auto-play and fill the entire screen. Galleries and articles fold out like a flip book. You can even subscribe to your favorite bloggers instead of just the usual editorial powerhouses like The New York Times or CNN.

Paper will still display your friend-generated news feed in the same visually appealing way. That being said, Paper might make your feed look better, but it can’t make what your friends’ posts more interesting. It isn’t a miracle worker. For that you’ll just have to find new friends. But having the new clean interface does allow for a more seamless reading experience as you scroll horizontally rather than vertically.  Here are some other cool features that we liked:

  • Includes notifications, friend requests, and messenger
  • New profile timeline with horizontal-swipe view
  • Panoramic image tilting: This feature allows you to further explore high-res photos with the simple tilt of the screen.
  • Innovative News Reading Design and Sections
  • Customizable Categories
  • Quickly share the stories you love
  • No refresh button: All new stories fly at you in real time.
  • Ad-free (for now)

 For more information on Facebook Paper, visit https://www.facebook.com/paper

Posted on February 4, 2014 in Ideas

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