Tis the Season to be Mobile: Part 2


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 If you’re a consumer, grab your phone and see what deals you missed because there were a bunch. If you a Marketer, dust off your marketing plan and see if you’re giving mobile the attention it deserves and set an early resolution to make 2014 your year of mobile. The web and mobile have forever changed the way consumers interact with your brand and the job of the marketer is to understand your consumer and adapt their views into your strategy. If they’re evolving, your marketing plan needs to evolve too.

Where is mobile?

Because we’ve become so accustomed to our mobile devices, it’s easy to miss all the ways mobile influences us.

·         Social Media. Mobile is where social content is primarily consumed. Consider your content strategy; not for just Facebook, but all the platforms you use. Are you optimizing the content for mobile?

·         Web. Go to your brand’s website via your smart phone and tablet and try to buy something. If that was painful, now you can add mobile optimization to your business plan. Maybe even a new app.

·         Advertising. Put your billboard where people will see it. Consider shifting some of your online ad budget to mobile and you may find a more efficient ad strategy.

·         Email. Yes, email. Just because email marketing is old (a whole 15 years) smart phones and tablets are quietly creating an email marketing revolution. Personal emails are read on mobile devices so your creative, offers and even subject lines need to be mobile friendly. Still a great way to connect and influence your customers.

If you listened to all the mobile gurus five years ago and your mobile strategy is humming along, then you probably didn’t even make it this far. If you’re like most marketers, you’ve got some room to grow and you just set a meeting with your staff to revisit your 2014 mobile strategy. The statistics from part 1 of this blog post might be a good starting point for that meeting.

Posted on December 5, 2013 in Ideas

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