Tis the Season to be Mobile: Part 1

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Sales figures are in for both the biggest shopping weekend of the year and the now popular Cyber Monday with a few insights for marketers…beyond the obvious. Remember those people who for the last five years have repeatedly been saying, “this is the year for mobile”? They were right. Early online holiday shopping numbers prove that 2013 is finally the year for mobile.

Need some convincing? Consider the following.

·         Cyber Monday sales increased 19% from 2012 (IBM)

·         Mobile traffic accounted for 30% of all shopping traffic, up 62% from 2012 (IBM)

·         Online spending on Black Friday increased 15%, traditional retail fell 2.9% (National Retail Federation)

·         For the first time, customers spent more time with retailers on mobile devices than on desktops (ComScore)

Phones or Tablets, which was more popular?

How about both. Now that 56% of consumers own a smart phone (91% have some kind of phone) and 34% have a tablet (Pew Internet), the average shopper is shopping the same way you probably do. You browse around on your phone when it’s convenient. Discovery happens in your email or via social media. You click a link, explore, consider a purchase and maybe do some competitive research. But, when you’re ready to buy, or you’re not in a meeting, you pull out your tablet which offers you a faster, better, more comfortable mobile shopping experience.

·         Since Thanksgiving day, smart phones accounted for 20% of all online traffic, 9.4% for tablets

·         Although tablets accounted for less traffic, 10% of purchase came from tablets vs. 6.3% from smart phones (IBM)

Marketers that haven’t already shifted their emphasis to mobile should take note of this year’s trends. Mobile domination is no longer a forecast, it’s a reality. For more insight on how marketers can make this important transition read part 2 of this post.

Posted on December 3, 2013 in Ideas

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