New Pinterest Maps and What They Mean for Business


Breathtaking beach sunsets, European castles on the hillside, endless flower gardens, what to do with all these destinations? Pin them to the new Pinterest Map! Unveiled Wednesday, the new “Place Pin” feature allows users to pin new or existing images to a map, giving them a visual blue print of their past travels and/or future destinations. With over 750 million travel destination pins, Pinterest has caught onto the trend that most people use travel boards to inspire their future vacations. The company has partnered exclusively with Foursquare on this new addition, resulting in a number of pros and cons.

The pros: if your business is on Foursquare, then you can easily drive more traffic to your page. Also, with the new Pinterest mobile app, a business featured on Foursquare can be pinned to your map and you can instantly get directions from your current location. How about the cons? Well, if you don’t have a Foursquare account for your business, you’re missing out on all of those benefits. There are however, other great potential uses of this feature:

  • Highlight local attractions (state parks, sport venues, etc.) to attract tourist to your area. (This can also show how close your location is to these destinations.)
  • Create virtual tours of destinations. (Visual tour along the Pacific Coast Highway).
  • Show your widespread influence on a map to demonstrate the scope and reach of your business.
  • Invite other pinners to pin locations (perfect for group road trips or can be used for contests).
  • Post links within the pin description to direct traffic to your website or bookings page.
  • Use “Place Pins” to make it easier for users to plan their trips to your area.

Pinterest will have some bugs to work out in the near future (e.g. you cannot edit the location of the pin, but rather have to remove the pin and then add a new place). But overall, this can mean great things for the travel industry. The best way to approach the new feature is to test it out on a couple existing boards and see if their performance has improved after a couple of weeks. Like every new feature, it’s important to test and see if it is relevant to your business and gives you the results you’re looking for.

Posted on November 22, 2013 in Ideas

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