Sue Watt – Branding Mad Scientist

Sue Watt

IC/MC Senior Project Manager, Sue Watt, brings an uncommon perspective to the agency. While many advertisers’ stories begin as sitcom writers and eccentric members of art collectives, Sue’s story started very differently; as a Gray Whale researcher in Baja, Mexico.

Studying for years as an environmental science major, it wasn’t until halfway through her undergrad that Sue decided that advertising was her destiny. But she has never let go of her roots. Sue approaches every project through the lens of scientific method and calculated research. Using this meticulous approach, Sue has developed successful campaigns for such groups as California Beverage Container Recycling, Utah’s Anti-Meth campaign and Gold’s Gym. Her comprehensive social and technical research exposes powerful insights that are greatly valued in any strategy session or brainstorm.

Sue’s background in precision makes her a perfect fit for Ideas Collide’s high-tech and government clients. With over a decade under her belt as a brand strategist and researcher, Sue draws from her unique experience to create compelling and innovative campaigns for diverse brands. Mixing statistics with strategy and a dash of creativity, Sue concocts successful formulas for each of her clients. We’re proud to call Sue Watt, our branding Mad Scientist.

Posted on October 9, 2013 in Ideas

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