A Picture Is Worth… Visual Storytelling for Your Brand


“You can’t love your life if you hate your work.” A simple statement clipped from a magazine by Ideas Collide founder Matthew Clyde has been an inspiration point and guiding principal behind the agency since its inception.  This short phrase weaves into the canvas of the Ideas Collide story – from weekly time allocation donated to charity organizations, to inspirational childhood toys around the office and embracing  a work hard/play hard attitude.

Brands are most successful when messaging is synchronized through visual storytelling.

In our modern world, the ultimate source of stories is within information shared via social media, especially photos and video. According to Maritz Research, 83 percent of customers that engage with a brand via social media and get a response are more loyal and stronger advocates of that brand, making social media the best way to tell your own story.  Here are some tips on keeping your visual story interesting, offered by Matthew Clyde at a recent presentation to members of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce about this very topic:

  • Consider your overarching strategy. What story do you want to tell and consistently repeat in unique ways?
  • Keep your audience in mind. How will your post look in the Facebook Newsfeed versus Twitter or Pinterest?
  • Make your story shareable. Could someone instantly pin a high-quality picture of your story?
  • Pace yourself. Everyone loves a good cliff hanger, so don’t give away your whole story in one day.
  • Keep it simple enough that you have the resources to keep it from being overwhelming to your company.

Your story is uniquely yours, so make sure to tell it in a way that your followers will see your passion and why they should choose you over your competitor. In the end, your best stories will be those that are passed on for years to come through advocates of your brand.

Posted on October 9, 2013 in Ideas

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