8 Years of Extraordinary

The PartnersAt Ideas Collide, we believe that our best years are still ahead of us. And why should we feel otherwise? Each year has brought monumental growth and a perpetual list of awards and recognitions. Our eighth year was no different.  Projects took us all over the country, we welcomed five new team members, began working relationships with various new brands and won several of our most prestigious awards to date. As summer now begins to heat up, we reflect on some of the brightest moments from the past year and look forward to what the future holds.Several members of the Ideas Collide team joined Best Western, traveling to New York City this January to attend one of our favorite yearly events, the HSMAI Adrian Awards. For work in several original Best Western digital campaigns, the group was proud to see our client presented the eMarketer of the Year award. While in New York, we also received numerous other recognitions, including an HSMAI Platinum Award for our collaborative work with Best Western on their social media initiatives and several HSMAI Gold Awards. We are proud of the work and proud of the accomplishments we have achieved in partnership with our client Best Western. 

 Team ICMC has also recently received several accolades worthy of note. Matthew Clyde, President and Founder, was recently appointed as a board member on the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Valley Young Professionals board. He also received the distinguished honor as one of the Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 Under 40. Another Ideas Collide founding member, Karem Planas, was recognized with a Stephen Darling Hospitality Management Award in Vancouver where she currently is residing and working on a variety of ICMC projects. Along with these awards our creative and campaign work has been featured in the last few months with numerous AMA Spectrum, PRSA and Webaward recognitions.

Ideas Collide continues to embrace the ambitious, creative vision that launched the agency over eight years ago. We are proud to lift our clients higher with each project and are thrilled to be able to bask in the light of the recognitions they are receiving. Now, with a new set of ambitious goals in our sight, we look forward to the great things that are sure to come in year 9.


Posted on July 1, 2013 in Ideas

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