“Twitter #music” Shows How Social Medias Can Be Mutually Inclusive

twitter_musicEveryone has their social media preference. The Facebook/Twitter war has been waging for nearly a decade, with both parties stubbornly claiming that working together wouldn’t improve their service. But, despite the social media giants’ exclusivity with each other, they have found ways to integrate and grow with many other services. The newest Super Team to enter the scene is Twitter #music. Twitter teams up with music providers, Spotify, Radio and others to create a music promotion scene with incredible potential. Twitter #music uses the immense Twitter conversation infrastructure to capture which bands are being talked about to make a “popular” group. More interesting than “popular” is the “emerging” section which is a compilation of bands whose Twitter conversation stock is on the rise. This is an intriguing new music promotion avenue which takes the power out of the hands of the recordlabels and allows the public conversation to decide who the emerging stars are. A third section titled “Suggestions” uses the bands you follow as a basis for other bands you may be interested in (based on who they follow and then who they follow, etc).


As you would expect, Twitter #music allows you to instantly share the music you are listening to as well as research each band’s musical following. It’s a fascinating look into the music world and a prime example of how social medias like Twitter and Spotify can benefit by using each other’s unique services. Spotify has been suffering to encourage users to share their music with each other and grow just this kind of community. Twitter has created that environment for them in an instant. Twitter #music has the service to rival long-standing internet radio king, Pandora.


If they can promote it effectively, Twitter #music may be the next big thing.




Posted on April 25, 2013 in Ideas

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