Spring Training Grand Slam

az citiesEvery spring, half of Major League Baseball ‘s teams come to Arizona to train. Their loyal fans follow them in droves, filling the local hotels, restaurants and clubs with team colors and producing one of Arizona’s most profitable tourist attractions. It becomes a part of Arizona’s springtime culture and welcomed tradition for sports fans throughout the city.

Arizona cities are the force behind the sandlot fields and grassy diamonds where today’s big league players got their start. Spring training has become a central pride-point for Arizona cities and towns and one of the proof points for their new campaign created with Ideas Collide, AZCities@Work.

Ideas Collide capitalized on this powerful association by coordinating a re-skin for the AZCentral.com “Things to Do” page, a popular source of information for spring training fans. The animated re-skin generated thousands of impressions and record breaking visits to the website. This effort was coordinated with other promotion tools, including video screenings during Spring Training games to introduce off the AZCities@Work campaign.

Ideas Collide’s love for baseball and their clients has brought about a beloved tradition. Each year, IC/MC attends a local spring training game and shares conversation, ball park food, and good weather with their clients and coworkers. This year, we celebrated a successful 1st quarter at a preseason game with the Oakland A’s and the Mariners. All in all, spring training season was a grand slam for the Ideas Collide team and our clients.

Posted on April 4, 2013 in Ideas

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