Mike Mason. VP, Creative Services & Brand Development



Mike has spent 12 years in the creative and communications industry. With an MBA from the University of Utah, he has been a leader in a broad range of communications fields including advertising, training and development, internal communications and marketing. His passion is finding creative, unique, insightful and impactful ideas. Cutting through generic messaging and making connections with people through personal, inspiring and unexpected ways is what he loves about his profession. Mike started his marketing adventures as an intern at BBDO New York and has worked for FJCN Advertising Agency, Franklin Covey, and most recently 5 years with eBay before joining Ideas Collide.




How did you get started in the industry?


“I first studied advertising in college, I considered myself to be a copywriter, mostly. But as I picked up freelance projects, I realized that I would need to develop some design skills in order to deliver the whole campaign to my client. So I had to fill that role.”


How has that helped you?


“Being obliged to design for clients in my college days set me up well and opened a lot of doors for me. It’s been really important for me as a Creative Director to have insight there. I think I’m pretty well-rounded in the creative world. It helps me in every step of the creation of campaigns.”


How has the audience’s migration to digital media affected your creative process?


“I think it’s become more and more important to adapt your approach to the channel you’re using. I have to put myself in the user’s shoes, constantly. Why should the user interact? What about the design is compelling or interesting? The first step ought to be developing a really unique and relevant concept. The design of the idea and the actual creative design enhance that. Having great design, but a tepid idea doesn’t really deliver anything.”


What is your proudest moment in the creative industry?


“It was a really scary thing to leave my established career to help start Ideas Collide. But I am really proud of the results we’ve had. It has been worth it”


Posted on March 28, 2013 in Ideas

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