3 Stripes

adidasThey may be known as the number 2 brand in athletics, but they have one of the most distinguishing brand marks in the world.  Adidas’ 3 stripes have become a lasting identifier for their products ever since the brands creation in the 1950’s.  Adi Dassler (so, THAT’S where the name comes from…) built his products around 3 design principles. Design the best shoe for the requirements of the sport, protect the player from injury and make a durable product. The 3 stripes represent those goals.

Over the years, the Adidas brand has undergone several logo renovations.  The most significant were in 1972 when they introduced the “trefoil” logo and in 1996 with the revealing of the “3 bars” mountain logo. Throughout the brand’s evolution, Adidas has maintained a proper strategy. They have not forgotten their roots. In the early days, Adi Dassler referred to Adidas as “the brand with the 3 bars” and today, that image has not been lost. Proper logo design ought to be born of the company’s philosophies and values. Over the years, Adidas branding has stayed true to their founding principles.



Posted on March 15, 2013 in Ideas

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