2013 Super Bowl Commercials – Feelings, Flops, and Fabulous

Jeep – Just as they did with the Clint Eastwood spot, the Chrysler company has again delivered the patriotic, emotional ad. This commercial was moving and relevant to the Jeep brand.
Dodge – “So God Made a Farmer” spot. The late Paul Harvey’s stirring speech gave life to an otherwise simple ad, reminding America of the principles and values that make this country, and Dodge, great.

McDonalds – After a game in a sweaty locker room?
Taco Bell – is for old people? (the Spanish translation Fun. song was terrible)
Subway and Pizza Hut – deliver boring commercials
Jack in the Box – 80’s rock ad was confusing and irritating. Hot mess burger? Hot mess commercial.

Oreos – I love the details of this commercial. The violent whispering was perfect. Not to mention their genius “dunking in the dark” tweet that capitalized on the blackout – So far it has over 15,000 RT.
Hyundai (Bring a Team) – Reaching a “boring” target audience like young families looking for a van doesn’t have to be all stats and features. Hilarious.
Audi – Going to Prom alone became a triumph. I think we were all cheering for this kid.
Hyundai (Excited) – funnier AND faster than a Mercedes. This is the next step in the Hyundai Branding story. They have done an excellent job recreating their brand over the last decade.

Posted on February 4, 2013 in Ideas

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