Are Animals Effective In Advertising?

Personally, I love animals in advertising. Tried, true and consistent… but is there scientific evidence showing that placing animals in a television spot, print ad, or social media promotion will guarantee an effective campaign? Clearly, the answer depends on what brand, product or service is being marketed. But on a personal level for me animals in advertising have a special way of connecting to an audience and can surround a brand with positive emotions. They offer a warm relationship and often remind us of ourselves or our own pets. Plus, as we all know from many a Super Bowl commercial…animals are funny!

Most people can relate to the humor of animals because they have seen their pets or others in similar situations and, even more important, they make the ad memorable.  I’m sure our brand researchers at Ideas Collide will argue against my subjective point of view. But I can at least give you the results of a recent inquiry I sent out to my teammates asking: which animal ad campaigns were their all-time favorites.

Here’s a few that made the list:

  • The infamous Geico Gecko and…the love it or hate it, but you always remember it – Aflac Duck.


What are some of your favorite animals ads? And what are some you could have done without?


Posted on November 13, 2012 in Ideas

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