Learning to Play in the World of Video

With technology changing constantly, it is always challenging for a graphic designer to stay on top of the curve. What we know today will change based on what we learn tomorrow.  In the world of multimedia marketing, this has never been more true.

What was once considered a meniscal part of marketing, has now become one of the fastest growing areas in design. The quality bar is being lifted higher and higher, and multimedia marketing is being incorporated in a variety of different ways.

While I was in college, I told myself I would never dabble in the world of “video”. This was mainly due to the fact that I saw no use for it. Now, with the growth in the industry, I am having to teach myself techniques that I once thought were impossible and useless to my skillset.

Learning the techniques of being a successful multimedia marketing designer is much like learning how to play an instrument. You have to learn note by note, then chord by chord before you can even think about learning how to play a song.

I’m still learning note by note and continually trying to stay on top of that curve!  By the time I’m ahead, there’s no doubt it will have changed.

Here is a look at one of my first animated sequences for our client Philanthropegie.


Posted on October 29, 2012 in Ideas

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