A Peek Behind the Scenes

Through my years in pitching stories on behalf of our clients, I’ve forged friendships with many of our editorial contacts.  One of these friendly relationships just so happened to be at Meredith Publishing in Des Moines, Iowa, which by coincidence is near the hometown where I grew up. Since this summer I was planning on attending a high school reunion not far from Des Moines, I reached out to my long-time contact at Better Homes & Gardens and arranged an in-person meeting.

It turned out to be the best learning experience for me as to how I should go forward in pitching magazines and newspapers to secure coverage for our clients. The added benefit was a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of putting a well-known, highly respected magazine together. It was also a delight to finally meet the person that I had been exchanging emails with for the past several years and to put a face on our relationship.

I was amazed at how much effort, thought and planning goes into each issue not to mention the team of assistants and editors in order to get the issues out on deadline. She walked me through several departments, introduced me to other assistants and editors and gave me a tour of their perfectly manicured test gardens.  As I discovered, the test gardens are used a testing area for plants as well as a photography studio for Better Homes & Gardens.

I left Better Homes & Gardens editorial headquarters with a new understanding of how to pitch a magazine and zero in on what products are a good match for each individual department as well as making a few new contacts . All in all, not a bad way to start off a little time away from work!


Posted on July 25, 2012 in Ideas

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