Here at Ideas Collide, customer love isn’t just an emoticon at the end of an email or a thank you letter at the end of the fiscal year.  It’s not even just staying up late and getting things done in crunch time.  It IS treating the client and their success like you would a member of the family.  When problems arise and unexpected challenges suddenly appear it’s not a decision to find a solution, it’s just what you do.

Earlier this week one of our new interns was on his way to work early because he had a full day of assisting project managers with several social media accounts, PR and advertising work. But, about halfway through his 30 minute commute to the office his scooter suddenly sputtered, made a loud pop and lurched to a stop on the side of the road.  Not wasting any time he texted his coworkers, informed them of the situation and began searching for the nearest mechanic.  As he pushed his scooter along the side of the road, he managed to stay in the loop on the project work and even call in for an internal brainstorm meeting – all so he could help the team deliver great results to a client early, that’s dedication to client love! 5 miles later, he had pushed his scooter to the mechanic and he was boarding a bus to get himself to work before any more time was lost. What can we say, our interns catch on fast!

But it’s not just the interns.  Even in the very beginning ICMC’s founders were forced to find drive when their car wouldn’t.  It was a big moment for ICMC – the first client pitch.  Everything was in order and well-rehearsed but there was one problem, the car wouldn’t start.  They quickly decided to call a rental car company but due to a local event all of the cars were out. It wasn’t just that location either – all rental cars in the valley were reserved. At the time of the meeting, ICMC showed up in the best thing available, a 12’x12’ U-Haul moving truck.  The client signed on and the moving truck became a symbol that Ideas Collide was “movin’ on up’”.

In business and in life, things don’t typically go as planned. ICMC has set a precedent of going the extra mile (or 5) to be there for our clients, never forgetting to “show the love”.

Posted on June 15, 2012 in Ideas

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