Copywriting on the Bering Sea

Interning at Ideas Collide is kind of like crab fishing in the Bering Sea – it’s kind of sink-or-swim situation (although, it wasn’t really cold or wet.. and it really wasn’t all that dangerous, so maybe it was more like learning how to swim. But for dramatic effect, I’m going to stick with the Bering Sea comparison). At the beginning, I found myself feeling a bit like Don Draper. I was over-dressed (suit and tie), and was ready to make jaws drop with my ground-breaking ideas. Then reality came in and pushed me into the water. The deep water. The deep cold water. The deep cold water full of crabs nipping at your toes… I might be exaggerating a bit. But it was kind of scary.

I graduated from ASU with a degree in Creative Writing/Poetry. I spent my entire college career writing poems, short stories, and papers analyzing novels. ICMC was my first experience with writing for advertising and marketing and it was definitely a learning experience. The best, and most challenging, thing about my internship was that I didn’t hand out mail, or get people coffee, or put stamps on envelopes. I did work. Real work. Like assisting project managers, writing content, making wireframes kind of work. It was hard (I had never even heard of a wireframe before this endeavor). Through my own research and the careful guidance of ICMC teammates I was learning the processes necessary to do my job.

It was basically a crash course in Marketing 101. Most of what I learned about Marketing and Advertising, I learned through trial and error. Quite a lot of the projects were really enjoyable – quite a lot of the projects were really stressful too (mostly due to the fact that I spent so much time stressing over trying to figure out what certain things were). Looking back though, I realize that most of the things I thought were really difficult were actually pretty simple. I just tried to make things more difficult than they needed to be. It’s like crab fishing in the Bering Sea – you could just jump in the water and try to wrangle some crabs with your bare hands (good luck), or you could just do the simple thing and stay on the boat. The metaphor works… somehow. Trust me, I’m a poet, remember?

Posted on June 7, 2012 in Ideas

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