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ICMC designer Chelsea Macpherson likes to keep a pulse on what’s trending and unique in web design, the creative process and product packaging. We asked her to give us some quick snapshots and links on what piques her interest these days and what influences her designs now and maybe in the future.


This article has a list of websites completely outside of the normal user experience. As the article explains this “will entice you to play on them for an embarrassing long time.” I think it’s fun to see user interface designed out of the box, and more importantly done well.




I thought this was an interesting explanation of why some of your best ideas come in the middle of the night or randomly while you’re not even thinking about it. Apparently there really is something to be said for allowing your mind to wander and waste time.




There’s hope for the world yet!…well aesthetically at least. This article talks about how people are more inclined to purchase a brand with ‘thoughtful and innovative’ design. Therefore companies are making an effort “to transform even a mundane product or service into something more rewarding and more memorable.”





Posted on May 30, 2012 in Ideas

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