Sound bites that got us thinking, talking & rethinking from Ad:Tech

Attending any digital marketing conference in today’s dynamic marketplace is a bit of taking in a tidal wave of information. After attending Ad:Tech the last 4 years, this year I found one-liners jumping out at me from the keynotes, sessions and tradeshow floor that stuck in my head and later come up quickly in conversation, debate or discussion. So in my summary of last week’s Ad:Tech San Francisco, here are the top sound bites that got me and the ICMC team thinking, talking and rethinking… which one will you be thinking about into next week? Which one do you think is the most relevant in today’s media/technology market? Share in the conversation below.

  • Social. Local. Mobile. AKA – So.Lo.Mo – It’s not about one platform but the integration / combination of them. – Mark Silva, Anthem Worldwide


  • Any digital campaign – especially social needs to be simple, natural and provide real value. – Adam Kmiec, Director Social Media, Walgreens


  • People that want to work with companies that want to be amazing. No one wants to work for a company that is risk adverse… it shouldn’t just be about ROI,  it is a formula of ROA + ROI – ROA = Return on Amazing. – Adam Kmiec, Director Social Media, Walgreens


  • When you think about it, branding is only a 150 year old concept. – Paul Adams, Facebook


  • The idea of one person being an influencer of thousands in most cases is a myth. The reality is we are all influencers in our own, small groups.  – Paul Adams, Facebook


  • NFC – near field communication – will change and shift mobile to a whole new level of engagement and interaction.  – Mentioned in every session covering mobile marketing.


  • I’m not smarter than anyone. The secret to my success is that I’m willing to grind it out and work harder. – Guy Kawasaki


  • When you compare Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google – Facebook is most vulnerable because it is the only one that is truly optional.  – Molly Brown, CNET


  • VIRAL – the worse word in the marketing world.  – Repeated in every session and keynote.


So, which one resonates with you or with your brand? Which one is the most relevant for today and which one is more likely to be still resonating in the future? Which of these will you talk about the most in your next marketing meeting, agency summit, client pitch, and at the next Ad:Tech conference? Until then, keep the conversation going.


Posted on April 12, 2012 in Digital Marketing Recommendations, Ideas, Inspirations, Observations & Trends

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