Marketing is a Science, Not an Art

There is no denying that marketers are persistently pushing the creative boundaries when developing advertising campaigns that are both meaningful and engaging to captivate their target audiences. However, marketers need to be even savvier when meeting their objectives. Superb creative alone is not enough to guarantee success in a world where audiences are under a daily barrage from competitor brands, an overcrowded marketplace, and the prevalence of media overload everywhere we turn. Today, marketers need to discover the Marketing Science to deliver effective messages to meet their brand’s desired impact.

The science of marketing goes well beyond just research analytics, the measurement of sales and predictive ROI modeling. Although these research tools are important, it is critical to first uncover the true attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors of the audience related to a brand in order to influence the decision making process.

For the past 14 years, I have been a Brand Planner, which essentially combines the disciplines of psychology, anthropology, and sociology, with the creativity of graphic design and unconventional thinking in order to understand the wants and desires of today’s target audience segments. The insights gleaned from the target audiences are translated from my research studies, to develop the overall strategic direction for marketing campaigns, as well as to generate the most appropriate positioning of companies to ensure that they stand out amongst the competition.  Sounds simple right?


So how exactly do you uncover the attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors of your audience? You talk to them and get them to open up about their feelings. You engage them in group and individual discussions. You have them to draw pictures to capture their true emotions. Discussions go beyond the rational decision-making process and into the emotional-based process. I have them think about the five sensory cues they may experience within certain situations. What would things taste like? Smell like? Feel like? Sound like? And look like?

This is the kind of information that is SO important in building and maintaining a brand. This information can be used to influence everything from the creation of stellar advertising that will stop people in their tracks, to the packaging that acts like a beacon on a shelf full of products. This information also ensures the most appropriate media buys, stand-out public relations efforts, mind blowing social media tactics, and more.

In today’s ever cluttered society, we must communicate with the intended target audiences in a way that is meaningful to them. It must also be believable by accurately reflecting all that the company stands for. It must be different from the competition. It must be applied in a consistent manner over an extended period of time. By understanding what is truly driving your customers to buy your product, you can make more well-informed marketing decisions and ensure that your ROI projections are met each time.

At Ideas Collide, we believe that by thoroughly understanding a brand, the audience for the brand and the world in which that brand lives; by creatively integrating brand planning techniques to learn more about your audiences with our innate ability to spot the latest trends, we can effectively create and communicate your company’s messages, direct the formation of your company’s desired perceptions in the minds of its target audiences, and ultimately create a band of brand devotees that can, by sheer force of will, elevate a brand to legendary status.


Posted on April 30, 2012 in Ideas

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