Ideas Collide and Vitamin Water Collaboration

For the 3rd consecutive year, Ideas Collide has partnered with Vitamin Water on the creation of their custom digital music application in support of the Detroit Music Awards.  The player launched in Mid-March to rave reviews from fans and artists alike.  Built on a versatile Flash platform, the player allows fans to listen to songs and download MP3’s to vote for their favorite artist.  The tallied votes will decide the winner of the coveted Digital Download Award category.


Given only the new brand logo as creative inspiration, the ICMC design team styled a unique and visually stunning interface that features a slick multi-color equalizer effect.  With social media being such a important tool for artists, the player utilizes dynamic share features that allow fans to share their download and vote with other fans via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Check out the player, listen to some tunes, and let us know what YOU think!





Posted on April 23, 2012 in Ideas

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