Bring on the Chips. Macayo’s Summer Salsa Challenge is Here!

As an agency with a sizable over-representation of the foodie demographic and passion for ethnic cuisine, it may not surprise you that the ICMC team has had serious debates about what makes a salsa great. Some of us argue salsa without heat should be called gazpacho, while others shun heat as getting in the way of truly savoring the ingredients. The only thing you will find all of us agreeing on is that our client Macayo’s has one of Phoenix’s best chips and salsa.

Do you have a favorite salsa recipe? Over the past three years Macayo’s has sponsored a salsa contest in which home cooks submit their personal salsa recipes for a chance to win a spot in its summer menu and one year of Macayo’s meals while raising funds to benefit the Arizona Hemophilia Association. Through their efforts, Macayo’s has donated thousands of dollars to this important cause and inspired over 130 of amateur salsa chefs to get in the kitchen and work on an award-winning recipe.

Macayo’s Salsa Challenge launched this week and is open to anyone with an original recipe. You can enter your salsa, whether hot, mild or fruity sweet at www.macayo.com. If you are not much of a chef but, like many of us, consider yourself a salsa enthusiast you can join ICMC and Macayo’s at this year’s My Nana’s Salsa Challenge on April 28 where you will be able to taste Macayo’s salsa, our favored to win this year’s My Nana’s contest.

Hope you can join us there! … Now, bring on the chips.

Posted on April 3, 2012 in Ideas

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