Don Draper’s Take on Social Media

With the advent of the 5th season premiere of ICMC’s beloved Mad Men, we have been pondering what would be Don Draper’s approach to social media.

As an “ad man” it is easy to think Don would be focused on creating sophisticated campaigns to bridge print and digital strategies. But, here’s the thing, what makes Don a great “ad man”,  is that he does not view himself as one.

In Don’s words “I don’t sell advertising. I sell products”.  As such, we think Don’s approach to social would go beyond Facebook ads. Don would be focused on developing social strategies that not only build brand equity but also spur a desire to consume/buy.

He would be all about using social to turn the tide of consumer resistance to a brand.  Don would be the “ad man” looking at corporate objectives and aligning social campaigns to those.

In essence, Don would be that person in the agency asking what good are all those followers or fans if they are not engaged with the brand? He would be forcing us to think of campaigns that go beyond building numbers but get those we reach to understand the value in the brand we are representing.

As we have suspended disbelief and thought ourselves working with a contemporary version of Don Draper, we have found that in many ways his approach is ours.

We may have swapped scotch and whiskey for Diet Coke and Starbucks, rib eye steak for salads and cigarettes  for gum but the basics of successful marketing continue to be the same…
“achieving a sustainable balance in what should be a mutually beneficial relationship between a brand and its consumers”.

Like Don, at ICMC we are always focused on communicating how a relationship with our client’s brand adds value to its consumers. In doing so, we never loose sight that our client must be able to see value as well.

Posted on March 25, 2012 in Events & Happenings, Inspirations

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