Spicing Up Creativity

All work and no play makes for boring creativity.

When I’m starting to feel stale or uninspired I  set out for adventures. I’ve made it a habit to travel at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. I love to travel and when I set out on a journey it’s not just any journey. I take the road less traveled and I take it alone.

It’s on these journeys I can get lost, find myself, discover new colors, patterns, textures and most of all, meet new inspiring people. I’ve met an architect from Switzerland, a travel writer from Denmark and a photographer from Ireland. Sharing our travel experiences together recharges my creative energy. Getting out of the country and the same old routine keeps me open minded. Open to new things, new art, architecture, trying new foods and immersing myself into the different cultures.

Recently I visited Istanbul, Turkey and Athens, Greece. Istanbul has an amazing mix of people, architecture and religion. The people of Turkey are smart, ambitious and very friendly. The food is a culinary delight. Athens has a history of democracy that is unmatched. Magnificent Temples built 2,000 years ago are a true accomplishment in architecture. The people of Athens have great pride in their city and its history; a very joyful group of people despite current woes in their economy.

Doing what I love inspires me to be more creative. What inspires you?

Posted on November 11, 2011 in Design, Inspirations

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