Ideas Collide Supports Chimi for Arizona State Food

Recently, Ideas Collide kicked off its first political campaign. Luckily, the agency’s debut into politics centered around an independent candidate so we were not forced to pick sides.  Check Yes for Chimi is a political campaign for our client Macayo’s that aims to make the chimichanga Arizona’s official state food.

Celebrating 100 years of statehood in February, Arizona is one of only a few U.S. states that do not have a food with this official emblem distinction.  We feel Chimi, which was born in an AZ kitchen over 65 years ago, has proven to be remarkably adaptable, open to change and the perfect candidate for this important post.

Through our work with Macayo’s, Ideas Collide has gotten to know Chimi well.  We have witnessed how this hefty contender cares about substance, quality and tradition. Our internal straw poll reveals Chimi as a favorite and over 1,000 people who have signed the petition agree.

Have you Checked Yes for Chimi? Go to www.checkyesforchimi.com and sign the petition to let our state legislators know that we want Chimi as our official state food.

Posted on October 17, 2011 in Events & Happenings, News, Public Relations

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  • James

    This was such an awesome campaign! Great involvement from other restaurants getting involved too.

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