5 Marketing Blogs That Will Keep You “Ahead-of-the-Marketing-Curve”

When your clients have an uncompromising taste for innovative thinking, your biggest responsibility as an account manager is to stay ahead of trends.   Coming up with viable ideas that are everything but “cookie-cutter” and that enable your client to stay ahead of competitors is among the most challenging and rewarding tasks a marketer can wish for.

So, to stay fresh, current and one step ahead of the competition’s marketing team, we study. We read, talk and think about how new trends will come into play.  We listen to TED talks, research our competition’s tactics and, we read some more.

The result of this never-ending cycle is serving up award-winning ideas that make our clients shine in light of the competition.  From having a more engaged fan-base on Facebook and increasing sales amidst a depressed economy, our clients keep coming back because our ideas are fresh while rooted in traditional values, vis-à-vis sales.

So, if your clients are as avant-garde as ours, here is a list of 5 of the “lesser-known” blogs we follow to stay “ahead-of-the-curve”:

Posted on September 15, 2011 in Digital Marketing Recommendations, Ideas, Observations & Trends

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