Suspend Disbelief for a Better Brainstorm

In brainstorming, as in sports, a team gets better the more it trains. At ICMC, our commitment to brainstorming as a means of finding solutions to problems as well as developing clever and unique ideas for clients, has made practicing a weekly occurrence.  As we have honed our brainstorming skills, we have learned that sticking to one conversation at a time and building on the ideas of others, is only the first step in getting the team engaged.

Over time, it has become evident, that at the genesis of some of our most memorable and impactful ideas, is a brainstorm when we were willing to suspend disbelief and embrace absurdity.  By contemplating ideas independent of whether the budget or timeline allows for it, we have been able to truly create synergies and come up with solutions, campaigns, slogans etc. that are everything but ordinary.


So, at the risk of sharing our secret ingredient with the world, suspend disbelief during your next brainstorm.  You will be surprised where it may take you and your team.

Posted on July 21, 2011 in Digital Marketing Recommendations, Ideas, Inspirations

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