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Surrounding ourselves with things that inspires us most is a key ingredient to our day-to-day operations here at Ideas Collide. The minute you walk through our front door, you’ll quickly learn that we have endless amounts of inspirational treasures peppered throughout our office, from personal tokens to powerful brand icons, the Ideas Collide work environment represents a little piece of everyone on our team and is what continues to inspire the creation of all the incredible work we are so lucky to produce every day.

Join me as I take you on an inspirational tour through the walls of Ideas Collide Marketing Communications.



1. Candyland, Bite-size sugar infused treats at our fingertips, need I say more?






2. Innovative Wall Art: Little reminders that anything is possible!






3. Coca-Cola in Bottles and a Deep Supply of Diet Coke: A beverage our team just could NEVER live without.





4. Inspiration Wall: A place to display the things that grab our attention the most.






5. Wii: Play hard after working hard.






6. Zen Room: A quiet retreat to find your center or write great copy.






7. Invent Room: Toys, toys and more toys!






8. Glass Walls: Good Will Hunting marketing style.




Whether inventing new ideas, creating a new website, designing a logo or formulating a social media strategy, we are never short of inspiration behind the walls here at Ideas Collide Marketing Communications.

So tell us, what inspires you?

Posted on July 7, 2011 in Ideas, Inspirations

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