The Evolution of Great Interactive Marketing Strategies


Remember the days when great interactive marketing was a comic strip nestled neatly with a piece of gum? Or, when interactive marketing campaigns meant scratching and sniffing a sticker in an ad? With the advent of greater processing power and more sophisticated technologies, today, interactive marketers at Ideas Collide have dozens of potential touch points to the customer.

At our interactive agency, we draw inspiration from some of the greatest interactive marketing campaigns of recent years, which have simultaneously leveraged over half a dozen media (e.g. outdoor, website, downloadable video players, traditional interactive ad units, rich-media video ad units, IM environments and email) to, in the case of adidas, sell out of all inventory during its most recent sneaker launch.

From interacting with holographic images of dancing Coke bottles in the food court of a mall, to texting a message to get the missing part of a discount code, our goal at Ideas Collide is to enable customers to engage with our client’s brand in a very personal, customized way. Using the incredible array of technologies at our disposal, Ideas Collide’s mission is to make our client’s brand relevant and meaningful to their customers amidst very particular environments, interests and immediate needs.

Over the next month, I will post some case studies showcasing how our interactive marketing agency has worked with clients to increase awareness of their brand and affect consumer perception to the point that the brand takes on a personality. By sharing these Ideas Collide case studies, I hope to spark your imagination on the many ways to get customers to interact with your brand.

Posted on June 3, 2011 in Observations & Trends

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