Parenthood Educates Marketing Professionals

I recently came back to Ideas Collide after taking a five year hiatus to become a full time parent to two babies.  One of my biggest concerns was that, by being “out of the game” for so long, I would be ill-prepared to manage some of today’s breed of marketing projects.

So, I braced myself for some “trial by fire” moments.  However, after a few weeks on the job, I began noticing that, in many ways, my fulltime parenting “gig” had given me many opportunities to practice skills essential to any marketer.

Pitching ideas to a potential client is much easier if you have spent the last few years trying to find clever ways to sell everything from broccoli to weather-appropriate outfits to tantrum-prone toddlers.

Parallels are also easy to draw in brand management.  As we work on brand management for big clients, I have realized that much as it was when my babies turned into more independent toddlers, the more massive (bigger) a brand, the harder it is to “control or buckle it”.  A brand’s exposure to the world increases the bigger it gets. Restricting or containing it is not only unadvisable, but really impossible.  Being nimble, alert and one-step-ahead is the strategy I used as a parent, and it’s certainly the strategy called for when working on these projects.

It was not long after starting that I realized the persuasion and story-telling techniques I had honed as a parent had given me valuable schooling for my job as a marketer. Now, if only I would have thought of using Power Point to present to my husband options for birthday venues …

Posted on May 13, 2011 in Inspirations, Observations & Trends

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