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After a great “Inspire” session on Monday and a first full day at Ad Tech, here are a few insights that are top of mind to share after four keynotes, hours of networking and a dozen sessions later:

1. Design matters more than ever. Especially in the mobile and tablet space.

2. Design is an essential strategic differentiation. Michela Abrams, President of Dwell Media calls out the impact: Think about any company that has differentiated themselves in the last ten years and made a significant increase in market share, DESIGN has played a intricate role in bringing about that market share. Design still matters significantly.

3. You need a compelling story. Amid our uber-multi-tasking, 3+ screen lifestyles, there is relevancy in the art of a great story to deliver your message and reach your audience. Stories engage, persuade and inspire action. What’s the story your brand/product/service needs to tell? If you can’t articulate it, you become (if you’re lucky) annoying background noise or (worse), you are completely tuned out.

4. Data has its own story to tell. There is very little that can’t be tracked, monitored, analyzed and determined in today’s digital landscape. But within every piece of data, there is a story to be told. What matters is determining and finding the right story that needs to be told.

5.  Mobile. Social. & Clouds. It’s incredible to be part of this dynamic digital world where the playing field is constantly shifting. As the future takes shape, look carefully to mobile, social and cloud networks to be the new bridges across this sea of change. If you don’t have a plan to embrace and engage in these areas, now’s the time to make it happen.

More insights, ideas and shares to come. Be sure to follow @ideascollide on Twitter for “in the moment” Ad Tech sound bites.

Posted on April 12, 2011 in Design, Events & Happenings, Observations & Trends

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