Digital Download Award: The Remix

One of the greatest compliments that a client can pay us is to want to work with us again and again.  That is why we were enthused when we got the call again this year from one of our favorite clients, Vitamin Water, to assist in refreshing and recreating the look and functionality of a popular online music player that we created in the Winter of 2010.

Last year, Vitamin Water approached us with a challenge:  Vitamin Water was sponsoring the Digital Download Award category for the Detroit Music Awards and they needed us to create a flash based MP3 player that allowed users to preview and download, and vote for songs.  The player had to be easy to operate, light in bandwidth, and tie into a database that allowed votes to be tallied on the fly to give the award show organizers a daily view into the voting count.

The project was launched last year to rave reviews.  Always being one to reinvent and innovate, Vitamin Water called us again this year and wanted to recreate the popular music player with a few modifications.  They wanted to completely refresh the look of the player, add unique Sort By features, implement new voting criteria, and take advantage of new share features on Twitter and Facebook.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.  The newly refreshed (and remixed) player was launched last week to excited and enthusiastic music fans.

Check the player out in action visit www.DetroitMusicAwards.com

Posted on March 29, 2011 in Design, News, Show & Tell Portfolio

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