Integration Inside & Out

Integration is part of our mantra in our studio here in Scottsdale. Every advertising agency or marketing department must integrate any campaign or communications initiative to survive in today’s niche focused, multi-tasking world. Part of the integration perspective we have at Ideas Collide goes beyond just external, consumer focused marketing campaigns. We take it to the next level by building customized training solutions to support an important product line or product launch, profitable marketing program or critical brand initiative. Yesterday we launched an online training course that was almost a year in the making. The robust training features with fun videos, interactive games, downloadable handouts and step-by-step “how to” modules. The project also highlighted a real strength of Ideas Collide – collaboration. Integration goes to the next level in terms of the work process between us and our client partners. We become an extension of their team working in tandem adding, changing, updating, reviewing, course correcting, laughing, crying and cheering. Yes, now that it is launched there is a lot of cheering as we celebrate our efforts in making sure that we created the best possible campaign from a 360 degree point of view – true integration.

Posted on November 11, 2010 in Ideas, Inspirations, Show & Tell Portfolio

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